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Scouting to Environmental Exploitation

Introducing TEAM


Tom is a retired Veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served with Military Police, installation level HAZMAT, and unit level airframes on the CH-53E. Currently he teaches Fielc Craft Hostile and Field Craft Uncertain skills as a contractor in the US Air Force. Tom specializes in teaching advanced skills with pistols and rifles, High Threat Driving (paved and varied terrain), Urban Escape & Evasion, wilderness survival, tactical applications in urban environments, knife fighting, mindset, and leadership skills. Twice a year he also travels to Battlefield, Alabama to educate young Cadets at Extreme Military Challenge, one of the top Cadet schools in the country.

Classes Taught



This course series will open your eyes to the world around you, giving you insight into skills and awareness that are hidden to the vast majority of the population. We will give you the tools you need to be able to identify threats, avoid them, or confront them. 


One of the key components of any warrior is their mind. Without having a trained and prepared mind, skills are useless. Understanding that behind every learning event lies a principle that must be seen, the concepts that pull the lesson together and allow it to be adapted to future tasks and problem solving come to light.


The Combined Arms 101 module focuses on building confidence and fluidity in the use of multiple weapons systems, chiefly the carbine and pistol. The main focus is how to master using the carbine and pistol together, taking advantage of their strengths and understanding the best implementation of each.

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